Vimeo Partnership With Machinima Strengthens YouTube Rival

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NMR probably gets 20 emails a day that all ask one question: “When is Machinima going to sign with Vimeo?” Dutifully, we respond to each letter telling them that we don’t know and that it might be never. After all, Vimeo is one of YouTube’s biggest competitors.

WELL, TODAY THAT HAS ALL CHANGED! (Okay, fine, it was actually yesterday, but we had a lot of stuff going on.) Vimeo and Machinima have partnered up today to release new content as well as declare that Vimeo On Demand will be the official releasing house for Machinima’s subscription content.

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“Vimeo On Demand offers video creators complete control over their content and better economics by distributing directly to fans with a paid model,” said Kerry Trainor, CEO, Vimeo. “We are very excited to put the Vimeo platform to work for Machinima’s global talent community.”

“Our partnership with Vimeo for content development and distribution on its innovative transactional platform delivers new monetization opportunities and funding sources for premium, long-form content developed and produced both by Machinima and the creators in our talent network,” said Chad Gutstein, CEO, Machinima. “Vimeo’s technology and user base is perfectly suited with our focus on reaching Millennials with content anchored in fandom and gamer culture.”

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So all you people can finally stop asking.

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