Did YouTube Just Bully Itself Into A Lawsuit?

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Image From Yanked Video (photo credit: SFGate)


Typically it’s the major music acts that watch their YouTube channel get dinged because of bots. This time it is a little indie band who could really use the money.

Rasta Rock Opera, a San Francisco-based reggae group, saw a video of theirs with about 20,000 views get pulled after YouTube decided that the views had been artificially created by bots.

Bots are essentially a means of purchasing views on YouTube — a big no-no of the site, which pays out money to channels that receive major views. Bots artificially create the appearance that actual people have watched videos. Apparently, YouTube can detect how views happen and if they arrive in a seemingly organic fashion.

And now Rasta Rock Opera is suing the video platform over it.

Rasta Rock Opera (photo credit: theglobalbassexperience.com)

Rasta Rock Opera
(photo credit: theglobalbassexperience.com)

The band, which operates on channel Stevie Marco (the group’s composer), claims that Nike was going to hire them to perform the National Anthem and they lost a key investor as a result of the removal. According to SFGate, the band says their fans and followers had jumped to negative conclusions over why the video had been pulled — maybe that it was obscene.

Hopefully, Rasta Rock Opera has some pretty good proof of the Nike stuff and somehow that the video wasn’t bought and paid for. Because Google-backed YouTube seems like it could be a hell of a lawsuit to pick.

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