Ducktales Theme in Reboot? Questions Answered! – #NEWS

Ducktales is coming back! Disney has announced that a Ducktales reboot will be released in 2017. This new Ducktales show will have many of the same characters as the original, and will follow Scrooge McDuck and his great-nephews Huey, Louie and Dewey, and many more!

Since we love Ducktales, we’ve extrapolated on the future of this new show. Will the new Ducktales keep the old theme song? We all love the Ducktales theme song, so we hope so! What characters are returning in the new Ducktales? We discuss how the Ducktales universe is huge, like way bigger than you might think.

We can’t wait for the 2017 release of Ducktales, and we’ve had that dang Ducktales theme song stuck in our head ever since Disney announced the new Ducktales. Enjoy geeking out with us!


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