Favorite Leslie Knope Moments (Mostly) From “Parks & Recreation” — Women Creative Wednesday

We’re all still crying over last night’s amazing “Parks & Recreation” finale, so for Women Creative Wednesday we’re featuring our favorite moments from this week’s favorite lady, Leslie Knope. (Most of us, anyway — some people rebelled and featured ladies like April or Donna instead, because pure joy apparently isn’t for everybody.)

Sara Parra

There will never be a time when watching a wannabe politician (even a fictional one) trying to breakdance doesn’t amuse. Seriously, I dare you to watch this and not crack a smile.

Jeff Klima

I just love drunk people (which is odd considering my days as a bouncer), so the überwoman Leslie Knope is easily the drunk person I like the best. The more charming you are in person likely means the more charming you will be once you’ve had a dose of the honesty juice. Okay, so long story short: this clip of a blitzed Leslie pretending she’s fine is my favorite thing associated with this topic.

Christine Linnell

Awwwww, kisses. I’m going to miss these two.

Carrington Walsh

Leslie Knope is the best at handling stressful situations with a smile. This is a prime example of her doing that. Granted this clip isn’t just her, it’s the entire Parks & Rec crew, but she leads them out onto the ice. And gosh darnit, she is going to get them to that podium!

Rachel Kiley

Leslie Knope? More like Leslie….nope, am I right??? Look, I’m still not over the finale, bad jokes are a great way to cope. But also, best Leslie moments to celebrate the final episode? Nope, gonna have to go with some April, Ann, and Donna. Leslie’s phenomenal, but you can’t have a show starring an overachieving always-positive role model without these others for her to bounce off of. Especially April. If you wouldn’t watch a show just about April, you’re wrong at life.

Evan DeSimone

Parks and Recreation is built around Leslie Knope, but what makes it gold is that all the characters are fully formed. They play off of each other as much as they do off of her. Take for example the early seasons dynamic that emerged between angsty April Ludgate and irascible Ron Swanson. It may have been Leslie who ultimately emerged as April’s role model, mentor, and friend, but it was Ron who first recognized her potential. Ron saw that April’s stubbornness and even her aversion to her fellow Pawneeans could be channeled into something useful. April eventually outgrew her role as Ron’s assistant and ceded her role as his protégé to Andy Dwyer, but this scene is still a major step in the evolution of her character. It’s hilarious of course, but the glimmer of pride we see when Ron gives his nod of approval is a major seed for her future development. This scene is everything that Parks and Rec could be at it’s best, funny but also heartwarming in a totally non-gross way.


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