FouseyTube’s Inspiring Help Me Fight Cancer Campaign Is Making A YouTube Star

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Palestinian-American YouTube star Yousef Eraka, better known to you and I as FouseyTube, met a girl at a comedy show he was doing in North Carolina. But wait, there’s more: The girl was there on behalf of her brother — a fan of FouseyTube and wannabe YouTuber who was sick with a rare form of bone cancer.

FouseyTube, touched, went to meet the boy, Mahmoud Badran, at his home. Since then an incredible journey has blossomed that has lead FouseyTube to create the Help Me Fight Cancer Campaign. The campaign has two major components: firstly, an Indiegogo campaign, called Fighting Cancer Together, where FouseyTube is looking to raise $10,000. Of that $10,000, $3,000 will be used to get Badran some new filming equipment (laptop, camera, etc.) and the other $7000 will go towards a college scholarship. Additionally, FouseyTube will match that $10,000 and donate his portion to the American Cancer Society. And they’re already at eight grand with 26 days left.

The second part of the initiative: make Badran the YouTube star he’s always wanted to be. Already FouseyTube’s efforts have gotten Badran’s self-named channel 67,000 subscribers and over 130,000 views for his first video. So I’d say both efforts are going pretty well.

This is a touching story, but don’t just rest on the other people … follow those links to get involved yourself.


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