Fundraiser Friday: Gaming Documentary Explores “Let’s Play” Culture

We’ve talked a lot at NMR about the YouTube gaming phenomenon. Gamers and gaming related content represent one of the fastest growing and most popular genres on YouTube. Minecraft alone represents the second most searched for topic on the site, and that game only accounts for a fraction of the views being racked up by gaming creators. Pewdiepie, the most subscribed man on YouTube, is a gamer specializing in Let’s Plays. However, despite the increased attention and an influx of advertiser interest, gamers and Let’s Players are still among the least understood content creators on YouTube. After all, no discussion of Pewdiepie or any other gamer is complete until someone says “So people just watch them play video games?”

A new documentary is aiming to change that. Let’s Play is seeking funding to produce a first of its kind documentary about the let’s play community. Aside from being a lucrative content vertical, Let’s Players also represent an expansive online community. Years-long friendships and relationships have been formed with this singular and largely unexplored YouTube subculture. Documentaries like 2012’s excelled Please Subscribe took viewers inside the world of professional content creators, but gamers often exist in a separate space. They have their own communities, their own networks, and their own conventions all of which have only been lightly covered by the media.


Creator Stephen Arthur cites the recent wave of insider gaming documentaries as his primary inspiration. He is seeking $13,750 for equipment, travel, and admission to conventions like PAX. You can watch some initial interview footage and read more about the project HERE.

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