Funniest YouTube Videos: 10 Moments To Get You Through Hump Day!

Sometimes, every day of the week is pretty awful. Why not brighten your day by watching these hilarious videos, and make the rest of your week just a little better?

10. Grandma’s Smoking Weed For The First Time

I can’t make it through this video without laughing more than once. It’s an all time favorite go-to video for me when times get tough.

9. Rapper Gets Blown Into The Ocean

Self explanatory.

8. The Hairless Cat Who Hates Halloween

It’s YouTube, there’s always bound to be a cat video on a list like this. In this case, this cat expresses pretty much how we all feel about Friday being two days away.

7. Dad Gives His Daughter A Frozen Doll For Christmas

I have no idea why disappointed children are so funny. Maybe it’s because I have no soul by the time Wednesday hits.

6. Steve Kardynal Does Wrecking Ball On Chatroulette

Oh Steve, you f**king own this and it will always have a fabulous place in my heart.

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