Giuliana Rancic Apology For Racist Zendaya Comments – The YouTube Daily Top 20


Thursday, February 26 2015

Climbing to the top of the charts today, possibly for the last time, is Fashion Police co-host Giuliana Rancic who issued an apology after making controversial comments about Disney Channel actress Zendaya. If Zendaya chooses not to accept the apology, the two will have to battle to the death in a Hunger Games-type scenario. Disney and E! are currently fighting over the broadcast rights. Also topping the charts today is Adi Shankar’s amazing Power Rangers fan film, which gained a boost of YouTube after being blocked on Vimeo. The latest episodes of Mental Floss and It’s Okay To Be Smart also held down their spots on the top 20 today.

#1 A Statement From Giuliana About Last Night’s Fashion Police | E! – E! Entertainment

#2 POWER/RANGERS –Adi Shankar

#3 Wheel of Musical Impressions with Christina Aguilera – The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

#4 Ed Sheeran covers Christina Aguilera’s “Dirrty” in the Live Lounge – BBC Radio 1

#5 #MashUpMonday – Kenny and Warren G – Jimmy Kimmel Live

#6 Fashion Police Guiliana Rancic on Zendaya –LaShuntrice Bradley

#7 Iggy Azalea Explains Papa John’s Twitter Rant | On Air with Ryan Seacrest – Ryan Seacrest Presents

#8 LeBron James Jr. SHOWS OUT At John Lucas All-Star Weekend! –TakeMyTalent.Com

#9 Sesame Street: House of Bricks (House of Cards Parody) – Sesame Street

#10 Game of Thrones: Blooper Reel #2 (HBO) – GameOfThrones

#11 Death Cab for Cutie- “No Room In Frame” (Official Lyric Video) – Death Cab For Cutie

#12 Dakota Johnson rips into her Mom, Melanie Griffith at Oscars – Bill Keeler

#13 Why Does February Only Have 28 Days? – It’s Okay To Be Smart

#14 Elsa shoveling the hockey rink –Greg Cox

#15 Justin Bartha makes Jill Martin uncomfortable – Marcia Herold

#16 Why don’t humans have a mating season? – Big Questions – (Ep. 23) – Mental Floss

#17 Advice To Young Women From The Oscars Red Carpet – BuzzFeedYellow

#18 Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: UK Labour Party (HBO) – Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

#19 Zedd – “I Want You To Know” (Audio) ft. Selena Gomez – ZEDDVEVO

#20 House of Cards – Season 3 – Official Trailer 2 – Netflix [HD] – Netflix

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