Goodbye, Jon Stewart! Our 7 Favorite Moments From The Daily Show


Sad times! Jon Stewart announced earlier today that he will be stepping down from The Daily Show later this year. The show doesn’t seem to be ending with his departure, but still, the long-time host of the satirical news show will be greatly missed.

Rather than wallow in sadness, we thought we’d go ahead and bring you back to some of our favorite Stewart moments on The Daily Show. So go ahead and laugh now, for you will certainly have much to cry about when the realization and grief kicks in later.

1. The “Go F**k Yourself” Gospel Choir

2. Meet the Tea Party, America

3. Ferguson

4. Bullshit Mountain

5. A Tribute to Institutional Competence

6. An Egyptian Satirist in America

7. Glenn Beck Impersonation

Yes, America will certainly miss you, Jon, but as far as a replacement host goes, well, we may already have someone in mind…


Who would you like to see take over for Jon Stewart? Let us know and don’t forget to share this with your friends to help ease their pain at this tragic loss as well.