Google Hires Language Translators To Stop ISIS Recruiting on YouTube

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Apparently YouTube is a really, really active source of terrorist-recruiting, a statistic of which the site hardly finds to be a draw. “The number one choice of people who cut heads off” isn’t exactly a good motivator for advertising revenue. And so YouTube has decided to battle ISIS terrorists in their native tongue. Allegedly hiring interpreters (typically Farsi, Modern Standard Arabic, etc.) across every time zone, Google is looking to quell the amount of terrorism recruitment that happens on their watch.

YouTube doesn’t moderate for content before publication and still mainly uses the public to flag offensive content that shows up on the site. The problem is, there is so much flagged material popping up, especially that which deals in Islamic languages (and not all of it is terrorism activity — some of the time it’s likely just Texans reporting foreign language stuff because they are assholes). YouTube is attempting to wade through the mire with use of people who can understand the talk and know what to look for. So that’s good.

(photo credit: Crave Online)

(photo credit: Crave Online)

Jonathan Russell, of Quilliam, a company that focuses on counter-extremists, said to

“I really see a sea change. It is pretty young still. It hasn’t been long enough to see a shift in results, but I am [gratified] that they are tackling it in the right way.”

Hopefully this maneuvering will cut into the popularity that ISIS has accumulated over the past year — yup, just cut it right off.


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