Google Science Fair Explodes … Your Nerd Passion

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Full disclosure: Google didn’t have science fairs when I was a teen. Fuller disclosure: I wouldn’t have won one if they did. Science is arguably the coolest of the so-called “nerd educations,” and with Google backing it through its annual Google Science Fair, it gets cooler still. The contest just kicked off and will run through May 19, 2015. Open to all teens 13-18, the contest is less about changing the world than finding someone who is innovative enough to be put on a path to change the world. Of course, if a teen happens to change the world via the contest, well, so much the better.

One of last years winners, Hayley Todesco did exactly that by figuring out how to break down toxic runoff from oil drilling in waterways. There are several different awards given though (and all of them look amazing on an Ivy League application) so don’t let the fact that you aren’t at that level yet sway you.


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Be sure to check out all the requirements for entry here. And even if you don’t win, know that just by entering you’re doing cooler stuff than anyone else you know. Of course, don’t rub it in anyone’s faces. An asskicking for being smart hurts just as bad as an asskicking for being dumb.

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