Harper Lee Comeback or Cash-in?


There was big news in the literary world this week as publisher Harper-Collins announced that they would release the long awaited sequal to Harper Lee’s cannon classic To Kill a Mockingbird. The news was greeted with enthusiasm by all your friends on Facebook who haven’t read a book since high school but totally remember that one because it was about a lawyer or something right? News of the nearly 60 year old sequel came as a surprise to the literary community, as Lee has in the past expressed no desire to publish another novel. In fact, the acclaimed author retreated from public life after the success of To Kill a Mockingbird, becoming a virtual recluse in her own home. Some worry that Lee, who is 88 years old, may be being taken advantage of by her advisors and caregivers.

So is Harper Lee being exploited by nefarious forces beyond her control, or did she just go a little overboard on building the suspense? Fortunately for us, #News has assigned their top investigative reporter Anais Fairweather to get to the bottom of this mystery. She’ll leave no stone unturned when it comes to unraveling this mystery.




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