Honorary YouTubers: Key & Peele — Here Are Their 9 Best YouTube Videos

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Key & Peele are hilarious. And yet, there will still no doubt be some controversy from this list because we are focusing on these “honorary YouTubers” instead of doing a list involving actual YouTubers. We just want to make you laugh though, and as far as that goes, Key & Peele are gonna do just that. Below, we’ve handpicked (no robot slaves for us!) their best nine videos posted on YouTube (so far). See if you can get through the list without laughing your ass off.

9. LMFAO’s Non-Stop Party

8. Bone Thugs & Homeless

7. Power Falcons

6. East/West Bowl

5. Pegasus Sighting

4. Make A Wish

3. Insult Comic

2. Rap Battle Hype Man

1. Mexican Standoff (with Freddie Wong)

Don’t feel bad, we laughed our asses off too.


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