House of Cards And Seven Other Amazing Sesame Street Parodies

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Sesame Street’s just released House of Bricks is a parody of the provocative Kevin Spacey thriller television series “House of Cards.” It also reminded me that Sesame Street also recently did a parody riff on Sons of Anarchy that I really liked. Which made me wonder if there was anything more hidden in the educational childrens show’s coffers. I’m glad I checked because you and I might have missed a whole boatload of amazingly sharp and sly sendups of pop culture happenings, courtesy of Cookie Monster and co.

Was the show this hip when we were kids? Probably not, because nothing from the 1980s makes this list. Here are the other seven parodies from Sesame Street that make you want to have a kid (so you don’t look like the adult weirdo watching Sesame Street by yourself). You know what? The heck with it, let your freak flag fly:

7. Cookie of Oz (Wizard of Oz)

6. Furry Potter & The Goblet of Cookies (Harry Potter)

5. Cookies of the Caribbean (Pirates of the Caribbean)

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