House of Cards Season 3: 9 Parodies To Get You Pumped For The Premiere


After months of waiting, House of Cards is finally back on Netflix and we’ve got a whole new season of Frank Underwood scheming to look forward to. There’s just one problem. If you’re reading this instead of binge watching, then you’re probably stuck at school, or work, or somewhere other than your couch.

No one does a tongue-in-cheek parody like Sesame Street. The iconic children’s program is known for reliably hitting it out of the park with innocent, educational parodies of some seriously kid-unfriendly source material. Mashing up House of Cards and the Three Little Pigs could not be more brilliant. Call me crazy, but I feel like Frank Underwolf might be a more compelling character than Kevin Spacey.

The only thing more dangerous thank crossing Frank Underwood during his ruthless rush to power, is coming between a devoted House of Cards junkie and his next fix of the hit show. Symptoms of addiction include developing a thick Georgia accent, demands for Netflix passwords, and breaking the fourth wall on the regular.

Washington, DC might be a cutthroat world populated by ruthless monsters with a killer gleam in their eyes, but it’s got nothing on the merciless world of high end pre-school admissions. Fortunately for us Frank and Claire don’t have any children, but if they did they’d have a whole new world to conquer.

House of Cards isn’t the only hit drama about people who ruthlessly pursue power. Have you ever wondered how Frank Underwood would adapt to the violent, power crazed world of Game of Thrones? It only took two seasons for Frank to put himself in the White House, I don’t think it would take much longer to put himself on the Iron Throne. Quiznos seems to agree.

Frank has been phenomenally successful at climbing the government career ladder, but his tactics won’t necessarily translate to other industries. For instance, channeling Frank’s ruthless style isn’t the best way to get ahead at the CollegeHumor office.