Is The Viral ‘Girl With No ID’ A G-Damn Phony?

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One of the bigger buzzing videos in recent days is this self-uploaded footage of a girl talking into the camera about her myriad of problems. Alecia Faith Pennington is 19 and has no ID of any kind. She was born at home to super-religious parents who home-schooled her. She’s never been to the hospital. As a result, she basically doesn’t exist. And now she wants to and she wants your help.

With over a million views, it was pleasantly interesting. Then the plot thickened. Her “father” passive aggressively made a video of his own stating that he would help her if she would reach out to him, DRA-MA! Also, if she got her driver’s license, she could one day drive over and visit. Ooh, burn.

And he’s really condescending about it all too.

So it seems like a storm is brewing on YouTube. A family battle for the ages. Or is it?

A Redditor (always a Redditor) had this to say in the comments regarding this whole brouhaha:

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So now we’re all left wondering what the deal is. It seems like one of those perfect storm moments that is too crazy to be real … I mean, the girl has a YouTube account set up in her name … does she just go and record videos on the computer at the library? Yeah, I don’t think so … I’m putting my money in with the Redditor. Also, if it is a hired actress, as the Redditor suggests, they did a great job casting. She looks like the type of person this would totally happen to. If it is real though, um, Alecia, don’t read the previous sentence.

Somehow, I think we’ll get some reveal too late to matter that will just annoy people. We only want scripted drama when we know it’s scripted.

What do you all think?

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