Just In Time For Valentine’s Day: Space Aliens

Oh thanks, I wouldn't have seen it otherwise ...

Oh thanks, I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise …


So apparently this is a thing now: in a large Peruvian city, an unidentified flying object was spotted hovering in the distant sky while the mayor was giving a speech. It’s difficult to gauge if the UFO was actually full of visiting martians or just a drone somebody was having some fun with, but in the event of the first thing, I would like to welcome our new leaders. I submit my fealty to your benevolent mercy and can be used as an intermediary to lure humans into your control.

If it’s the other thing though, can I just say that drones make spacecrafts much harder to spot? It’s like that month where everyone had that little BlueTooth thing in their ear and it looked like everyone was crazy, just walking around talking to themselves. Lunatics had a free ride from being caught that month. In case you need more proof of a takeover, here’s some more compelling UFO footage from other major cities around the world!

3. UFO over New York “terrifies birds”

2. UFOs over London!

1. PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!

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