Leonard Nimoy Death Makes Us Remember His Best Tweets Fondly

(photo credit: tsquirrel.com)

(photo credit: tsquirrel.com)

Leonard Nimoy’s passing today was not entirely unanticipated by the internet — particularly the overzealous clods at Reddit’s r/ImGoingToHellForThis who have been calling this for the last three days. NMR has previously mentioned their ability to be quick in making predictions and breaking news — that doesn’t mean we like it. But not all of the internet is so callous — Leonard Nimoy, who played the iconic Vulcan Spock on the original Star Trek series was beloved on Twitter.

And so we’ve decided to gather a handful of this terrific actor and warm human being’s best tweets.

First up, his final one:

A tribute to his (also deceased) fellow castmate Deforest Kelley:

A message to the young:

Just a nice End-of-the-Year blessing:

His Two Cents on The Interview:

A momentous anniversary:

An enduring image and a sense of civic duty:

Star Trek meets Star Wars:

If you want to honor Spock today, maybe make it the day you quit smoking. If you don’t smoke, maybe a nice Twitter post in memory of his brilliance.