Lia Marie Johnson Talks Starmaker Contest With NMR!

Lia Marie Johnson (photo credit:

Lia Marie Johnson
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Starmaker has an interesting competition going on right now with the grand prize being getting to perform onstage with either Lia Marie Johnson, Alex G or Tessa Violet at Playlist Live in Orlando, Fla. Starmaker Interactive is a video and talent discovery network and Playlist Live is an amazing East Coast version of VidCon. The two of them teamed up together and then teamed up with Lia Marie Johnson, Alex G and Tessa Violet to form a sort of new media Voltron. Then they offered the fans a chance to record a video singing a cover of a song by one of the three awesome YouTubers OR to vote for a video of some other fan singing. The performer in the video that gets the most votes, actually gets to go onstage with their YouTuber to perform a duet of the winning song. (insert prolonged fan scream here!)

(The current leaderboard)

(The current leaderboard)

NMR asked each of the YouTubers the same five questions, separately of course, to find out what they all said. Here is Lia Marie Johnson’s version of the interview — be sure to check out Tessa’s answers here and Alex G’s here.

Also, you can check out the leaderboards and all of the action here!

Lia’s Top Contender (so far!):

Okay, how did you get involved with this StarMaker competition in the first place?

Lia: I’m pretty sure that StarMaker contacted my network, who passed it along to my agent Milana. We both thought it was great timing since my new song “Moment Like You” had just been released!

Has there been any side bets between you three about who will have the most popular of the covers?

Haha, not so far!  I’ve heard a lot of covers for both of the other songs and I think they are all great!  I’m excited to be doing this project with Tessa and Alex, they are super talented.

IF you were going to cheat somehow to make sure your favorite artist won, how would you do it?

This whole thing isn’t about winning, it’s about sharing our music with the world!

What’s your best piece of gossip on the other two girls?

The best and juiciest piece of gossip on the other girls is NOTHING! I’m all about girl power and girls sticking together – we should be building each other up not tearing down other girls with gossip. Believe me, there is enough of that on social media to last a lifetime!

What else are you looking forward to at Playlist Live (besides “meeting the fans” — everybody says that … surprise us!)

Sorry, but meeting the fans is the most important part of Playlist. I’ve been attending Playlist for several years, and it’s grown into such a huge event – it’s really fantastic. I love all the parties, too!

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