Llama Drama 2015: Top 5 Llamas On The Internet, Because Everyone Loves Llamas Apparently


Yesterday the FCC approved a sweeping internet regulation plan that will protect net neutrality — and we, the proud citizens of the internet, rose up as one and declared, “HOLY SHIT THERE ARE LLAMAS YOU GUYS.” So we at NMR rounded up some of our favorite llama memes, because that’s what the people want apparently.

If you somehow missed out on the high-speed llama chase that possessed the internet yesterday — and that’s before the stupid dress thing happened — then congratulations, get out while you still can. But if you must view the insanity for yourself, here’s a roundup from ABC15 Arizona, who originally broke the story:


CNN’s Don Lemon, being Don Lemon, responded to the incident by bringing a live llama on set:


Speaking of llama weirdness, who could forget this classic vine? Seriously, you’ll never be able to forget it. It’ll be stuck in your head forever. We’re sorry.


Enjoy some of the funniest moments from the criminally underrated Disney film “The Emperor’s New Groove.”


Remember when everybody was joking about how Twilight‘s Taylor Lautner looks kind of like a llama? (Actually that might be an alpaca but whatever.) Heh. Oh, Jacob.

jacob llama


This is straight-up not a llama. Still funny.


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