LOVE A Good Valentine’s Day Haul Video? Here Are 9 …

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Aww, how do we love thee … let us count the ways …

You know what? The hell with actually yanking the petals off a beautiful flower, why don’t we just show you some love by posting 14 Valentine’s Day haul videos. Whether it’s YouTubers being gifted and romanced or smart shoppers taking advantage of some primo deals on President’s Weekend (or just around Valentine’s Day), a lot of people came up while I was chained naked to a bedpost because of stupid 50 Shades of Grey madness. Of course, to be fair, I chained myself … here are those videos.

9. CheapCraftyGirl

8. Cherry Wallis

7. Rebeca Coco (LUSH haul)

6. the frugalcrafter lindsay weirich

5. KinkNikki4

4. boxes of foxes (LUSH haul)

3. graphicaly

2. ohyeahitsjen

1. CandleDancer


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