Music Monday: Anti-Love Songs

Romance is, like, so last week. To celebrate our escape from the year’s biggest Hallmark holiday, we’ve rounded up our favorite YouTube covers of songs about love gone sour and relationships that are better off over.

Jeff Klima

When they came up with this theme, my mind instantly flashed to this version of Paul Simon’s “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” by G-Love (glove?). I had no idea that Miley Cyrus had just shown up on SNL’s 40th Anniversary Show to perform it. This G-Love version is way better anyhow, but someone is overdue to pull out a truly killer remake of this anti-love jam.

Sara Parra

When you really think about it, Justin Timberlake has some of the greatest anti-love songs out there. “Cry Me A River,” “What Goes Around/Comes Around,” etc., but one of his first (and arguably largest) f**k-you love songs was back in his boy band days with N*Sync. With it’s release, “Bye, Bye, Bye,” became the break-up anthem of the year, and also a phrase that cannot be uttered without the accompanying hand motion. Props goes out to Our Last Night and their amazing rock rendition of the track, bringing the song some much needed freshness.

Evan DeSimone

Anyone who knows me knows that I believe iconic Swedish pop group Ace of Bass has a song for every occasion. That axiom most definitely includes heartbreak. It is my heartfelt belief that there is no better break up song than “The Sign.” I got a new life / You would hardly recognize me I’m so glad / How could a person like me care for you / Why do I bother / When you’re not the one for me. If there are sicker burns to deliver to an ex I can’t think of them. “The Sign” is the perfect kiss of set to a dancey 90’s beat perfect for shaking off old baggage. (Am I still allowed to say “shaking off” or does Taylor Swift own that now?) I personally hold the original up as a flawless example of pop perfection, but if you’re looking for something a little bit more grounded then this folky cover by The Mountain Goats is just the thing you need.

Rachel Kiley

“Anti-love songs” is pretty much the best way to describe 90% of what’s in my iTunes, but this little gem by Taylor Swift is one of my favorites. While you can’t really beat the original video, TeraBrite does a great job with this cover, and furthers Taylor’s timeless message of if someone you haven’t seen in a month says they need space (what?), give it to them, permanently.

Carrington Walsh

The first anti-love song that comes to mind is “I Don’t F With You” by Big Sean. When looking up covers for this song, this one by Nicol Concilio struck me as the most interesting because hearing the acoustic version of this song is a weird experience. This song goes so hard that it feels weird listening to it in a calm capacity. Anyway, Nicol Concilio rocks the cover even though she brought the song into a different genre of music.

Christine Linnell

I’m too much of a softie to ever go completely anti-love in my musical tastes, but I do like this mellow acoustic version of Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” by Ciara Catalla. Sometimes relationships are stupid — but odds are you can find someone better.


What are your favorite anti-love songs? Tell us in the comments below.