Music Monday: Grammy Winners Edition

In case you didn’t know because you somehow managed to avoid all social media for the last few weeks, the Grammys just wrapped up — and YouTube has wasted no time in producing covers of the latest award-winning artists. Here are a few of our favorites.

Jeff Klima

Oh man, there’s going to be a point where Kanye crosses into self parody realm (trust me, it hasn’t happened yet). Anyway, since we’re covering the Grammys and YouTube covers of Grammy winners’ songs, I couldn’t ignore this little ditty: “Stayin’ Alive.” It was performed originally by the BeeGees, who were given the Lifetime Achievement Award last night, so this totally counts. And as for covers of the BeeGees go, I think the conversation wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of this piece by the phenomenally talented Mauro Stella and his loop station.

Evan DeSimone

Sam Smith was the undisputed by winner at the Grammy’s last night, with his blockbuster single “Stay With Me” helping him to claim four golden gramophones and apparently a bit of self-respect. Smith’s version of the song is certainly affecting if a little bit maudlin, but for my money this cover by YouTube chanteuse Rozzi Crane packs a bit more of a punch. As an added bonus for our Music Monday theme, it features a vocal assist from Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi, both members of the Grammy Award winning a capella troupe Pentatonix. Together they elevate the song and, in my opinion, turn in a more compelling performance than Smith himself.

Sara Parra

Okay, so this isn’t so much of a cover as it is a parody, but let’s face it, Weird Al definitely nailed what Pharrell’s Grammy Award outfit was going to be.

Carrington Walsh

Beyonce won three Grammys last night (although she should have won more) so I think it’s only fitting that I choose a “Drunk In Love” cover for today — and Alexis Jordan’s cover is phenomenal.

Also, if after watching Alexis Jordan kill this song you’re in the mood to watch a ridiculous amount of “Drunk In Love” covers, please start with this cover by Ice JJ Fish. Thank me later.

Rachel Kiley

Paramore has been one of my favorite bands for quite some time, and while I’d argue that they’ve had many songs that deserve a Grammy over “Ain’t It Fun,” it’s still great to see them win. Now, I’ve actually seen a ton of really bad covers of this song, and was scared to even go looking for a decent one for today’s post, but Ally Rhodes’ acoustic version really holds its own. She gives it that solid blend of understanding the original song and still making sure it’s got her edge to it. Of course, when you’re covering a song originally sung by freaking Hayley Williams, it certainly doesn’t hurt for your voice to be really kickass, too, and fortunately, Ally’s is.

Christine Linnell

While it’s true that I haven’t thought of Beck for a long long time and I don’t really understand how he managed to beat Beyonce (am I right, Kanye?), I do find some of his stuff intriguing, especially when he’s more introspective and less downright weird. Acoustic Lab’s cover of “Wave” from Beck’s “Morning Phase” album is worth a listen — haunting like the original, but stripped down and simpler, with some cool guitar work. Maybe I’ll catch up on the rest of Beck’s recent work, now that he’s won Album of the Year out of the blue.


What are your favorite Grammy covers this year? Let us know in the comments.