Music Monday: Snow Day!

It’s Groundhog Day, and apparently the rodent saw his shadow this year so it’s six more weeks of winter for us. (Except for the majority of NMR staff based in Los Angeles, where February marks the start of spring which is basically summer, anyone going to the beach later?) So this week’s theme for Music Monday is snow.

Evan DeSimone

The rest of the editorial team has cruelly chosen snow and winter as the theme for today’s Music Monday. So while the rest of them are chilling in balmy Los Angeles enjoying 80 degree weather, I have to tunnel my way out of my snow castle here in the frozen northeast and think about snow themed music. The silver lining is that it gives me a chance to throw a shoutout to one of my favorite local bands who clearly deserve more love. “Winter” isn’t just the first track that came up with I searched “winter” in my iTunes library, it’s also a fun electro-pop bop by The Title, an indie band from my home town here in beautiful suburban New Jersey. They specialize in bouncy, highly danceable tracks just like this and the bulk of their catalog is available on YouTube, so go give them some love! I could freeze to death at any moment and this is my last wish!

Christine Linnell

Take a moment to appreciate one of the more avoidable songs from Disney’s Frozen before Jeff Klima destroys what remains of your childish wonder with his selection below.

Jeff Klima

It probably shouldn’t because I’m a f**king adult, but this delights me to (s)no(w) end. From the sacrilegious bastardizing of a Disney song, to Jordan’s little cape and gown, everything about this big video from Axis of Awesome brings out the snowdick-loving child in me. Wait, did I say that right? Oh well.

Since I am currently stuck in Ohio, waiting on a blizzard, I think I will actually go outside right now and build a snowdick. No, you know what? I’m lazy. I’m just going to watch this video again instead. Enjoy it with me, won’t you?

Sara Parra

I’ll admit, I know pretty much nothing about snow. I’ve seen it a handful of times, I’ve never built a snowman, and I have never experienced a snow day. That said, I’ve always wondered what it’s like to be a teacher on a snow day and I think Saturday Night Live did a damn good job masterfully singing about the subject.

Rachel Kiley

We don’t get a lot of snow days in Los Angeles, but that’s what looking up snow videos on YouTube is for. And oh how many there are to choose from! But although any smart person knows that snow should always be appreciated, the great thing about snow is that even when you think you don’t want snow, you soon find out that you’re wrong, and snow will change your life for the best, forever. Snow never disappoints. Because snow is the coolest, funniest, prettiest topic we could have ever picked for Music Monday. Happy snow day!


Tell us all about your favorite snow videos in the comments below (no cocaine references please).