Parks and Rec Finale – 15 Things We’ll Miss Most – #NEWS

Tuesday night was the Parks and Recreation series finale. To honor the show, we’ve compiled the best Parks and Recreation highlights that we’ll miss the most. These are the top moments of Parks and Recreation season 1 through 7.

We’ll miss a lot about the show, but what we will miss the most is: Leslie Knope loving government, Ben Wyatt secretly a nerd, Tom Haverford’s language and business ideas, everything about Jean Ralphio, residents of Pawnee chanting at town hall meetings, Perd Hapley on “Y’heard with Perd”, Andy Dwyer being a loveable golden retriever, April Ludgate’s dry humor, Chris Trager’s high health standards, Ann Perkins just being there, Donna Meagle treatin’ herself, Jerry Gergich ruining everything, Ron Swanson hating government, Lil’ Sebastian the tiny horse, and Harris Wittels in animal control.

Parks and Recreation went out on top, and will be considered one of the great network television shows of our time. Goodbye, Parks and Rec. We’ll miss you!


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