Parks and Recreation’s “Jerry” Kills People In Dark Comedy “Middle Man” — Fundraiser Friday

Now that Parks and Recreation is over, the show’s devoted fans are eager to support the cast and crew in all their future projects. And for Jim O’Heir, the actor who plays Pawnee’s loveable, eternal screw-up Jerry Gergich, the next potential career move is “Middle Man,” a darkly funny movie about a hapless comic who gets caught up in a killing spree.

Not exactly the goofy humor that we’re used to from Mr. O’Heir, but this project definitely has potential. It tells the story of Lenny Freeman, a man who dreams of becoming a famous stand-up comic, even though he’s not even remotely funny. When a scuffle with a heckler leads to murder, Lenny goes on the run with a psychotic hitchhiker and gets trapped in a killing spree that can only end in disaster — though he does find that the whole experience is improving his comedy.

Producer Ned Crowley has signed on to Kickstarter to raise $150,000 for the film. The project is currently at $64,600 with 12 days to go.

“One of the things we really want to do with this film is give Jim room to run with his acting chops,” says Mr. Crowley.  “I’ve worked with and known Jim for years.  And what I know of him is so much more than what we have grown to love on television.  Sure he’s a funny lovable guy.  But he’s capable of so much more as an actor and I think people will really be blown away when they see what he does in this film.”


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