Poltergeist Haunts The YouTube Daily Top 20


Friday, February 6 2015

Apparently making Spider-Man 3 wasn’t enough horror for director Sam Raimi. The trailer for his Poltergeist remake is currently topping the YouTube charts, proving that the only thing we love more than a good movie is making a good movie again with better CGI. Nostalgia is king and if you need more proof you can drop down to the number 2 slot, where Jimmy Fallon’s Saved By The Bell reunion is going strong with its third day on the Top 20. MagicOfRahat scored a Top 20 hit with his hoverboard prank and John Green makes two apperances today as the host of Crash Course and Mental Floss.

#1 Poltergeist Official Trailer #1 (2015) Sam Raimi Horror Movie Remake HD – JoBlo Movie Trailers

#2 Jimmy Fallon Went to Bayside High with Saved By The Bell Cast – The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

#3 – PV#01 – Atlustube

#4 Magic Mike XXL – Official Teaser Trailer [HD]- Warner Bros Pictures

#5 8 Sick Remedies That Actually Work – Scientifically! – ASAPScience

#6 Pet the lamb that thinks it’s a dog! – Jemma Mackenzie

#7 NBC’s Brian Williams Addresses Iraq RPG Helicopter Story – Michael Rusch

#8 ???????????????????????? – TVBS TVBS

#9 Avalanche filmed GoPro Hero3+ – Snowboarding – Sorin Radu

#10 Furious 7 – Official Theatrical Trailer (HD) – Fast & Furious

#11 Marvel’s Daredevil – :15 Teaser – Marvel Entertainment

#12 Criança e homem são sugados ao desentupir bueiro, PARTE II, O GRAND FINALE!! –Patricia Rosa

#13 Vanessa Bayer’s Fifty Shades of Grey Elevator Scene – AudiOfAmerica

#14 30 More Life Hacks Debunked Pt. 3 – mental_floss on YouTube – List Show (245) – Mental Floss

#15 What Did Ryan Reynolds Name His Baby? – The Late Show With David Letterman

#16 Rihanna – Harper’s Bazaar – Behind The Scenes – Rihanna

#17 Transforming Women Into Historical Figures – BuzzFeedVideo

#18 Hoverboard Prank – MagicofRahat

#19 Brian Williams and his infamous Iraq War story – Letterman – 03 26 2013 – Dx Flash

#20 The Vikings! – Crash Course World History 224 – Crash Course

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