Power Rangers Bootleg Is Just The Beginning: 8 Other Amazing Fan Films To Love

Comic book adaptations have been doing huge business at the box office, but somehow the ladies of both major comic book universes are have been mostly left out. There are hardly any super ladies appearing in blockbuster films from Marvel or DC, and those that are certainly aren’t getting the chance to top line their own spin-off the way many of the guys do. We’ve been promised Wonder Woman in the upcoming Justice League movie, but the team at Rainfall Films is pretty confident that the Amazing Amazon can stand on her own two feet and they made this incredible short film to prove it.

Spawn is another comic book film that didn’t really give fans what they were looking for when it hit the theaters. The film was panned by critics, but Todd McFarlane’s demonic avenger remains popular on the printed page. Directed by Michael Paris, Spawn: The Recall hits much closer to the mark at just under eight minutes, earning praise from the comic’s dedicated fans.

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is pretty widely accepted as the best film adaptation of the Batman myth to date. Certainly Heath Ledger’s Joker and even Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman will go down as some of the most successful iterations of those iconic villains, but in three films Nolan barely scratched the surface of Batman’s famously diverse rogues gallery. Machinima’s Dark Knight Legacy attempts to rectify that by serving up a cadre of colorful crooks plotting to control Gotham City.

Brandon Laatsch’s proposed Minecraft fan film Birth of A Man: A Minecraft Film was tragically squashed while still in the Kickstarter phase by Mojang, the company that actually owns Minecraft and all of its associated intellectual property. Fortunately Brandon was able to give us a pretty epic trailer before that happened. Take a look at this glimpse of what could have been.


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