Randy Quaid ‘Bangs’ Rupert Murdoch In Bizarre YouTube Rant

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 10.53.35 AM

Randy Quaid, best known now as being the insane older brother of respectable actor Dennis Quaid, was once known for his roles as a crazy pilot in Independence Day and crazy Cousin Eddie in the National Lampoon series. So it seems he’s definitely a method actor.

Quaid, who occasionally makes headlines for some illegal escapades or for claiming that the a cadre of assassins is killing Hollywood celebrities, is now complaining that Rupert Murdoch somehow f**ked him … so now he’s f**king Rupert Murdoch. Making his equally weird wife wear a paper Rupert Murdoch mask, Randy plows her into the camera in simulated sex, doggystyle. At least he had the class to spit on his fingers for lube — no sense in doing Rupert dry.

Amazingly, Randy is still slated to reprise his role in the forthcoming Independence Day sequel, his first major film role in over five years. This video, which will be viral by the end of the day, could change all that. Christ, he looks like Doc from the Seven Dwarves here.

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