Recasting Movies With YouTubers: 50 Shades of Grey

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Since we’re weekend warriors now, it only makes sense that we break from the pack and engage in some rampant free-thinking. Pretty soon YouTube and Hollywood should completely merge and we will be seeing our favorite YouTubers starring in our favorite TV shows and movies. Of course, until that point, we can only speculate on what might have been had this merger happened 10, 20 or 500 years ago. So every weekend, we take a pop culture movie and recast it with YouTubers who we think might have worked perfectly in that role.

This week: 50 Shades of Grey

You know what? It’s Valentine’s Day, it’s the romantic time of year, and a movie about sadism and bondage just opened up at the multiplex. How could we not cover something kinky like this in our regular quest of recasting movies, both good and bad? Well, here’s the thing: we haven’t seen the movie or read the book. Why? I just couldn’t be persuaded to give a f**k. So instead of a regular recasting of 50 Shades of Grey I decided to do THE SHORTEST RECASTING EVER! This will put me in the doghouse with people who like terrible things, but you know what?

Anastasia Steele

Played in the movie by: Dakota Johnson
Played in our version by: Joey Graceffa

There’s just something beautiful and innocent about Joey Graceffa. Sure some people might have their issues with him, but he seems like an amazingly apt — and bold — choice for the role of Anastasia, a character who learns the majesty of pain and pleasure at the hands of a rich young billionaire.

Christian Grey

Played in the movie by: Jamie Dornan
Played in our version by: A Canned Ham

There’s just something beautiful and innocent about Canned Ham. Sure, some people might have their issue with it, but can you think of anything you would rather see as a billionaire teaching Joey Graceffa about pain and pleasure? Yeah, me neither.

Hate our choices? Think we’re way off base? Can you think of someone better? Let us know who you’d re-recast. Also share this article because hypotheticals like this are awesome.