Shira Lazar Fronts VH1’s New Digital Show


VH1 is teaming up with a YouTube expert to learn more about how online video superstars are made. The network known for its music and pop culture acumen is teaming up with Shira Lazar’s What’s Trending for two new shows that will explore the world of viral fame and YouTube stars. It’s territory that Lazar and her team already know well from years producing their acclaimed online show.

Shira Lazar and What’s Trending are pioneers in the field of digital entertainment journalism. They’ve been interviewing some of the biggest names in YouTube since long before the mainstream media took an interest in the platform (hmm, sounds like someone else I know). Now they’ll bring their expert knowledge of the digital landscape to two new shows on VH1. The first, Huge On The Tube, is tipped to be the Behind the Music of digital entertainment. Lazar and her team will go behind the scenes of some of YouTube’s biggest stars, but with a particular focus in mind. Huge On The Tube will focus on creators who saw their online careers take off after a viral hit. If you’ve ever wondered where Todrick Hall got the inspiration for his hit Cinderonce or how Grace Helbig found her voice and her audience, then Shira Lazar will have the answer. Other upcoming guests include Jenna Marbles, Michelle Phan, and Mamrie Hart. The first episode is live now on VH1.



Shira’s new show isn’t the end of VH1’s digital endeavors. Sticking to the theme of getting the behind the scenes scoop on pop culture, the network is rolling out “Behind The Tweet,” which gives the full “Behind The Music” treatment to memorable celebrity tweets. Chrissy Teigen devotes a full two minutes, complete with dramatic musical cues, to reflect on the time she tweeted about peeing down her leg. We are living in a true age of wonders.



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