Simple Pickup Responds To ‘Where’s Jason’ Question With More Mystery

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Recently we asked the question “Where’s Jason” to Simple Pickup about the mysterious disappearance of their cofounder Jason Roberts. They didn’t give us an answer that answered anything back then. Today, they’ve done it again. Responding to our concerns (and a lot of other people’s) with a just-dropped video, Simple Pickup did a “Tea Time” video with Jason on their Simple Pickup 2 channel. This only answered the question as to whether there is now some sort of animosity and hatred between the group members: apparently not.

Other than that, we get little from this “video answer.” Apparently he is off creating an app — but rather than elaboration as to the nature of this app (or whether it’s real and “coming out in six months”), we get jokes.

It’s fine if they want to affect an air of mystery — if they think they can get more views out of dragging this thing along, more power to them. But fans do legitimately care about the guys and what happens to them. Already the comments are overrun with people complaining this video didn’t answer their concerns.


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If nothing else, with Jason directly telling people to continue to tune in to Simple Misfits still, it seems like there is a subtext of “Everything’s okay, all will be revealed in time.” They’re smart guys and I guess we all just gotta learn to have some faith.

Hopefully we get some harder answers sooner than later though — we’re a nosy bunch.


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