The 7 Best Moments From Jimmy Fallon’s First Tonight Show Year


It’s been one year since Jimmy Fallon took over the iconic Tonight Show, and in that time the world has changed. Fallon has made the show his own, changing up the format and taking the ratings and YouTube by storm with his quirky musical bits and celebrity game times. Rumor has it that people under 50 now know what The Tonight Show is and some have even watched it on an ancient viewing machine known as a “television.” For the rest of us, Jimmy’s success has been pretty evident from the number of times clips from his show have turned up at the top of our YouTube Daily 20 countdown.

It’s safe to say the last year has featured some pretty iconic moments on Tonight, and if you haven’t seen them you’re going to feel like a big, giant loser for the rest of 2015. Fortunately for you, Drew Coolidge and #News are prepared to count down the eight most impressive bits and moments of Jimmy’s first year.

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