The Craziest Oscar Moments Of All Time!

The Oscars are this weekend. You probably know that because everyone you know has suddenly become an amateur film critic with a lot of serious opinions about supporting actors. The Oscars are entertainment’s most glamorous night. It’s when the stars and starlets of today put on dresses and tuxes that cost more than your house and do their level best to channel the grandeur of classic Hollywood. The Oscars have given us some of the most memorable and completely insane moments in pop culture history.

Are you prepared to wow your friends and frenemies at weekend Oscar parties with your iron clad trivia knowledge? If not we’ve got you covered (but dude, you really need to get it together). Our newest #News host Drew Coolidge is standing by the count down some of the most epicly crazy moments in the Oscars’ history. Sit down, relax, and absorb Hollywood at its most overdressed and overstimulated.