The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams Blows Up Twitter: “Don’t Call Me A Victim”

jessica williamsWhen Jon Stewart announced last week that he’d be leaving The Daily Show later this year, pretty much the whole internet (including us) said that TDS’ badass correspondent Jessica Williams should be his replacement — because how awesome would it be to get a brilliant, hilarious woman of color hosting a late night talk show? So we were a little disappointed when Ms. Williams took to Twitter to respectfully decline our demands. “I’m not hosting,” she said. “Thank you but I am extremely under-qualified for the job!”

But Ms. Williams’ career decisions were outright rejected by The Billfold‘s Ester Bloom, who announced to the world that Ms. Williams was a victim of “Imposter Syndrome” who just needed a pep talk. “How modest!” she scoffed. “How self-effacing! You can almost hear all the old white people who benefit from the status quo nodding their approval.”

And that’s when shit got real:

Members of the internet community were quick to back her up:

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Not to be outdone, TIME Magazine pulled one of her quotes out of context and declared that she was lashing out at her fans instead of Ester Bloom’s misguided article — and Ms. Williams didn’t hesitate to call them out too. (The article has since been corrected.)

Well said, Ms. Williams. We have nothing to add. Okay, maybe one thing to add:

mic drop

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