The Internet’s New Obsession? Katy Perry’s Dancing Sharks

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 11.23.04 AM

If you didn’t see the Super Bowl Halftime Show last night because you thought YouTube would be doing something cool, you might not know what Katy Perry has to do with a dancing shark. Between Perry riding into the stadium on an enormous mechanized lion, no Nipplegate redux and the surprising return of a long absent Missy Elliott, the one thing everyone is buzzing about were a couple of dancing sharks. Specifically, the one on the left.

These twin costumes of nervous-looking sharks with legs were probably supposed to be synchronized, but didn’t quite get there. It’s both charming and sad. And now it’s immortalized on the internet forever. 2015: The Year Of the Dancing Shark.

There are allegedly six different Twitter accounts dedicated to Left Shark and a whole grip of memes proclaiming it is the real Super Bowl MVP. Expect to see this costume again come Halloween.

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