The New Must-Have In YouTube: Hollywood Management

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In the old days, it was enough for YouTubers to sign with an MCN. There was even a pecking order involved as to which MCN you signed with — Maker being the top of the heap (now it’s Fullscreen). But even as some YouTubers are changing hands on the lower tiers — why Collective Digital Studio just signed FouseyTube, PAINT, Whatever, Rudy Mancuso, Logan Paul, ItsMattEspinosa and Shonduras — there’s a new must-have: Hollywood management from a talent agency. Joining iJustine at William Morris (WME) are Laci Green, Bart Baker, HolaSoyGerman, Captain Sparklez, Veritasium, Camila Coehlo and Lohanthony. Other top dogs of YouTube that are signed to Hollywood agencies include Grace Helbig, Kingsley, The Fine Bros, Ray William Johnson, Cameron Dallas and Felicia Day.

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Pretty soon the division in YouTube will be not how many channel subscribers you have, but whether you’ve got a TV pilot in the works. And then, whether you have a sustainable series. For its part, YouTube ought to think whether it can somehow up its stakes. It’s pretty tough to be taken seriously as the face of new media when you risk losing all your major stars to traditional “old world” media.

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