‘This Is Gross’: 13 Enlightening Videos Of People Sampling A Different Culture’s Food

(photo credit: NBC news)

(photo credit: NBC news)

So the latest trend — especially on Buzzfeed — is to get a bunch of “average people” together and get them to try a different culture’s edible delicacies. Predominantly it seems to be other cultures grimacing over McDonald’s assorted menu options, but it does go the other way as well. Of course, where Buzzfeed is involved, it always seems to be them interviewing their hipster cronies who don’t like anything American, but swoon over drinking yeast poop tea.

But each country has its own odd things, and I can certainly see how an American hamburger seems odd to people who grew up eating goat nutsacks or whatever. Wait! No I can’t! But we’ll give these psychopaths the benefit of the doubt. Here are 13 videos that show people trying food from different cultures. I dare you not to get hungry.

13. Americans Try Italian Snacks

12. Americans Try International Sodas

11. Australians Trying American Snacks

10. Irish People Try American Snacks