Throwback Thursday: Declarations of Love

Because Valentine’s Day is a theme for this week, we decided to dedicate Throwback Thursday to declarations of love. But because we’re a bunch of cynical weirdos, it didn’t go exactly as planned. Here’s the best we could come up with.

Christine Linnell

No declaration of love can ever compare to this iconic and moving scene between Anakin Skywakahahahaha sorry I can’t do this.

Sara Parra

Just when you thought it was over, Magmaflower returns with yet another shudder-inducing, sugar-filled video for his “baby girl.” This video was in commemoration of their seven month anniversary, and in it he again uses his eyebrows to express just how much he loves his baby. He also apparently loves her more than every hair on the cats owned by the local shut-in.


Jeff Klima

“I Love Blocks” is a popular YouTuber’s ode to Minecraft. I don’t particularly care about Minecraft, but ILoveCupCake, the YouTuber who performs the song, certainly has my ear. An enchanting lighthearted electronic techno pop anthem, the song’s ode to the bricks in Minecraft land makes me wish I cared about something enough to sing a whole song about it. I can barely flush the toilet anymore, so disenchanted am I. But not when it comes to this song. Hmm, maybe I could write a song about how much I love this song? Nah.

Evan DeSimone

The theme for today’s Throwback Thursday was “Declarations of Love.” It’s a lovely thought, people pouring out their hearts to one another and expressing genuine feelings of affection. Of course, it should be clear by now that I don’t do genuine feelings. My only sincere emotions are hunger and schadenfreude, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll leave the team hanging. If you’re not in the mood for sappy, overwrought declarations of love, check out this video featuring some of the most wildly outlandish declarations of COURTNEY Love. Courtney is known for saying some pretty outrageous things and these outtakes from her reality show give you pretty good idea of what it’s like to hang with her for a day. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Rachel Kiley

So I was the last one to come up with something for today’s theme, and shortly before I went looking, I got a nice dose of “well I hope YOURS is serious since no one else’s is!” For real. Out of all people, *I* got stuck with the task of finding a serious declaration of love on YouTube rather than finding something to mock or just posting more scenes from Pitch Perfect (TOTALLY LOVE DECLARATIONS, OKAY??) But even though I couldn’t do that, I thought this was still a great opportunity to push the gay agenda, just in a slightly more sincere way. Emphasis very much on slightly, because anyone familiar with Rose & Rosie’s videos knows you only get hints of sincere amidst many, many jokes. But hey, it still counts! And they’re cute and love each other so Happy Valentine’s Day or whatever it is super lame people say.


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