Throwback Thursday: Kitties!

We’ve dedicated a Throwback Thursday to puppies — now we wanna look at kitties. Enjoy some classic cat videos and memes from years past.

Evan DeSimone

Cats, to put it lightly, are not my thing. It’s nothing personal, it’s just that I’m very allergic so to me a cat is more like a fur covered snake dipped in poison. I’m just not a fan. However, contrary to popular belief, I’m also not a monster. I would never want to see a cat harmed as long as it’s not touching me with it’s gross allergen-ridden fur or digging its razor sharp cat-talons into my innocent and supple flesh. So what was I to do for this Throwback Thursday? As a humane person I don’t want to recommend a video of a cat suffering a grievous injury, but I also can’t lie to you, my adoring public, by suggesting that I enjoyed a cat video when I did not. Ultimately I decided to split the difference. This brilliant Prank vs. Prank video features a faked cat-defenestration which is more or less the low carb version of the real thing. I’m not sure how Jesse and Jeanna haven’t murdered each other yet, but I’m glad they provided me with this cathartic viewing material.

Christine Linnell

Who can’t identify with this exasperated cat trying to get the damn printer to work? The creator of the video, British television personality Chris Cohen, has created a whole series of funny animal “translations” and calls himself “the Cat vs Printer Guy” to this day. Check out the rest of his channel, you can waste time in there for hours.

Jeff Klima

This video stirs up a lot of emotions in me. Initially, I am excited because the video title clearly states: “Cat Falls In Toilet.” Then there’s this eagerness and sense of building excitement when the kitty cat actually gets up on the bowl. Next comes anxiety: why is the cat not falling in the bowl? Did they trick me? Am I wasting my time? Next comes acceptance because the cat knows HOW TO USE THE TOILET. Even if I don’t see a cat fall in, I have not wasted my time today. Next I am astonished at how many poops this cat drops in. Not only is he an extremely intellectual cat, he is also an extremely overfed cat. And then, just when you think the video is over, WHAMMO! He falls in — right alongside his bowel movements! Hahahahaha. Thank you, cat. I can die happy now.

Sara Parra

There are no words adequate enough to describe the majestic beauty that is “Sail Cat.” Watch, and bow before the master of fails.

Rachel Kiley

This will never not be my favorite video involving a cat. Allow me to simply quote one of this woman’s instructions for proper cat massage for you: “If you’re right-handed, use your right hand. Left handers, use left. Or, if you’re right-handed, try using your left and visa [sic] versa. Good for you. Use two hands to double your pleasure and double your fun.” And yes, there are more gems just like that one. All you gotta do is click play.


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