Throwback Thursday: Zombies!

For this week’s Throwback Thursday, we felt like writing about zombies. Not sure why. Possibly because half of us thought today was Friday and when we realized our mistake it felt like the life had drained out of us. Enjoy some of our favorite moments from the internet meme that just won’t die. (Ha, see what we did there?)

Evan DeSimone

I have a confession to make. I have never been the biggest zombie enthusiast on the block. I read once that the reason zombies resonate with us is because they’re a science fiction trope that embodies all of our innate human fears of disease, decay, otherness, and body mutilation. Let me tell you…yup. I am super freaked out by all of those things and zombies STRESS ME OUT. Add to that the fact that modern zombie fiction has a big survivalist element and I’m about as equipped to survive in the wild as one of those itty bitty purse dogs people buy and you’ve got a recipe for a genre that I’m just not down with. Still, for every good rule there’s an exception.

Hazel Hayes’ “Super Brainy Zombies” isn’t your standard zombie short. It takes a meta approach to the genre, telling the story of a crew shooting a zombie movie when they are attacked by real zombies. The film manages to wring both scares and laughs out of the familiar zombie battle set up. The aftermath of a zombie apocalypse is often the part audiences are left to speculate about, but Hayes’ film dives into it head first and delivers a fantastic twist ending.

Jeff Klima

I’ll admit I vacillated over a bunch of different video options for this Throwback Thursday piece with only the prompt “zombies” to guide me. Did I go actual zombies? People acting like zombies? A cover of the song “Zombie”? It’s a pretty dynamic and broad topic to wade through. Fortunately, little Jonathan is here to help me out. He likes turtles, I like turtles — it’s a winning combination and one of the most popular videos on YouTube — about zombies or not.

Christine Linnell

I’m with Evan on the topic of zombies — super creepy, not a fan. (Which makes me wonder why I suggested it for Throwback Thursday in the first place.) But I did get a kick out of The Hillywood Show’s Lady Gaga parody of “Warm Bodies,” that Twilight-esque movie where a still-living girl falls in love with a zombie boy. (You do realize your boyfriend is literally rotting, right? So not cute.)

Rachel Kiley

If there isn’t a zombie show at some point that utilizes this chorus for the theme song, we have failed as a collective society.

Carrington Walsh

The Zombie Apocalypse Tag swept YouTube by storm at one point, and Jack Howard’s Zombie Apocalypse Tag is quite funny. He talks about how we (as in humans) would actually react if a zombie apocalypse occurred. I feel his take is quite accurate.

Sara Parra

It absolutely breaks my heart that Cosplay Piano did not keep going as a series. The locations and sets, the costuming, every bit of this is absolutely amazing for anyone who both loves music and cosplay.

The first episode, an amazing rendition of “The Walking Dead” theme still remains my steadfast favorite, and an excellent addition to any zombie-lover’s video collection.


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