Transformation Tuesday: Epic Meal Time

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Four short years ago, two Canadian men had a dream: to buy a bunch of fast food from competing chains, douse it with cheese and onion rings, and cook it into a pizza. Oh, and film themselves eating this calorie-rich behemoth. Those men? Harley Morenstein and Muscles Glasses (who wasn’t wearing his staple glasses back then). Sterling Toth was the cameraman.

Epic Meal Time was still playing with its crew a little bit back then, so we went minus one Muscles Glasses and added two girls (one crepe) to up the sex appeal.

Eventually Muscles Glasses was back, the girls were gone and the rest of the crew was in place. This included Cousin Dave, Tyler Lemco, Epic Mook and Prince Atari. And it was good. They had a few dabbles with other companies (G4, Rev3) but they always came back to YouTube.

And then came the dark times: Toth, Muscles Glasses and Lemco left the show (or were ousted) citing creative differences and whatnot. The rest were left to soldier on though and pick up the eating slack.

Now Epic Meal Time is Epic Meal Empire — a television show that ups the stakes … and the steaks. And as Harley points out: they’re all rich as shit! Yeah, they’ve come a long way since two dudes and a nasty pizza. Now it’s four dudes and a nasty pizza.


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