Transformation Tuesday: Hannah Hart


Hannah Hart has one of those classic YouTube origin stories that you don’t hear very often anymore. Three years ago she was living in New York, working an office job, and missing her friends. One night, for no reason other than a laugh, she poured herself a few glasses of her sister’s wine and attempted to film a cooking-show style tutorial to send to some friends. The grilled cheese might not have worked out according to plan, but something no one was planning definitely came together. YouTube loved Hannah’s less than sober culinary efforts and My Drunk Kitchen was born.



The video is a definitely a bit rougher than what we’ve come to expect from present day Hannah Hart. It was filmed in in the days of 480p on what looks to be a web cam after all. She didn’t even have any cheese for that sandwich. However, all the most important ingredients were already there. Hannah’s warmth and wit and willingness to be unabashedly wasted on camera are all on full display. Is it any wonder that the internet wanted more of this? In wrapping up this first video she even wonders aloud if there will ever be another episode. 583 videos, 1.7 million subscribers and 138 million views later I think it’s safe to say she had a few more in her.



Fast forward to the present day and everything has changed, except the stuff that matters. Sure, Hannah is living in LA now. She’s a bonafide online superstar who produces videos not on a webcam but on her very own professional set. The last few years have seen Hannah Hart tour the country, write a bestselling book, come out as gay, and become a role model to millions of young fans. I also imagine she’s buying the booze herself these days instead of bumming it off her sister. Despite the snazzy new set, a vastly superior haircut, and some higher production values, at the core nothing has really changed. Hannah Hart is as warm, smart, and funny as ever. Also she mostly remembers to bring the cheese these days.

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