Transformation Tuesday: TomSka


A lot of YouTubers who end up dabbling in sketches and short films start off as vloggers and get interested in the scripted corner of the internet later on. But not TomSka. Going allllll the way back to mid-2007, he’s kicking off his channel with…somewhat bizarre, very amateur sketches — mostly shot in a field, mostly with fellow YouTuber Chris Bingham.


With what one can only assume is purposely terrible editing, shooting, acting, sound… well, everything, one of his earliest videos is a prime example of how far the mighty must journey.


When you watch that video and one of his most recent sketches (one he claims was the fastest ever from conceptualization to upload), it’s apparent TomSka has spent the last seven years really improving the quality of his productions in every sense. He’s still got the same sense of humor and the same interest in strange and occasionally uncomfortable material, but the man makes it work. Give it another seven years and who knows where he’ll be! Hopefully still making videos, whether through YouTube or in whatever medium has taken over by 2022. Or whatever our inevitably future robot overlords allow.


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