What Color Is This Dress? Or Any Dress Really!

Dresses are confusing, aren’t they? Garments designed to beguile the eye, cloak the form, and generally mislead and bamboozle. The entire internet still hasn’t come to make up its mind about the color of one single dress and it’s tearing our nation apart! Brother against brother! There’s fighting in the streets!

Here are some dresses. All of them are a color. Let’s see if we agree on what color they are. If we agree we can be friends but if we don’t agree you’re probably a witch!

This Dress Is Red

This Dress Is Green (and unflattering)

This Dress Is Blue (and should only be worn if you’re an extra on Game of Thrones)

This Dress Is Black (it would be a great choice for a fancy witch)

black dress
This Dress Is Yellow (and it’s fine I guess)

yellow dress
This Dress Is Orange (No one looks good in orange, even this very beautiful model.)

This Dress Is Cerulean (This is funny if you have seen the movie The Devil Wears Prada. Have you? It’s fun!)

Cerulean dress
This Dress Is Gold (It is sparkly and you should wear it for New Year or in Las Vegas.)

gold dress
This Dress Is White (This dress is really low key and normal, you could wear it to the store like this totally normal person is doing)

white dress
This Dress Is Made of Anger And Confusion


Dresses! Will they be the end of civilization as we know it? Maybe! I kind of hope so! If we agree on all of these dress colors you can ride out the end of the world in my bunker. Otherwise get lost!

Share this article and let us know in the comments what color the dress is! Any dress! It literally doesn’t matter at all!