What Is Net Neutrality? YouTubers Explain — Throwback Thursday

After the FCC’s crucial decision protecting net neutrality, you might have a lot of questions, such as “Uh, what is net neutrality exactly?” Fortunately YouTubers have devoted a lot of time in the last year explaining why this is so important to them. To review, here’s a handy collection of videos explaining the topic in a bunch of different ways, so you can pick one that’s useful to you.

Evan DeSimone

When I try to explain a potentially controversial position to someone who isn’t fully in the know, I think it’s important TRY to do justice to the opposing side. That’s why I would especially recommend this video from Hank Green. Obviously Hank and I land on the same side of the net neutrality debate, like most people who aren’t large corporations were in favor of it. Still, I appreciate that Hank at least makes an effort to give voice to some of the industry’s arguments in spite of how specious, absurd, and counter-intuitive they might be. This is the kind of video you can recommend knowing that it will not only persuade the viewer to come around to your side, but also leave them with at least a semblance of appreciation for the opposing side’s argument.

Jeff Klima

If you’re like me, you can only learn things through song. I blame Schoolhouse Rock — “Just A Bill” my ass. Fortunately for you and I, Dan Bull has comprised this whole issue of net neutrality into one neatly consumable rap video. Sure the visuals aren’t much — British people holding up hastily scribbled signs — but the rap is catchy and infuses the sound of a dial-up modem within its beats, so I feel like Dan Bull can relate to me. Also, there’s a summary at the end of videos for those of you who can’t get around what sounds like Cockney Rhyming Slang when he really gets going. Yeah, I can only learn by song but it has to be a slow and easily memorizable song. If only there was a song that would teach me how to learn better through song.

Sara Parra

When it comes to explanations of complicated situations, CGPGrey is one of the best channels out there for it. Informative in both a visual and verbose way, Grey has managed to not only explain what net neutrality is, but inspire those who were uninformed prior to watching this video, to fight for it.

Carrington Walsh

College Humor does a great job of explaining net neutrality, displaying the consequences of not having net neutrality in a funny, creative and informative way. Who knew this topic could be a comedy skit?

Christine Linnell

If you’d like to dig deeper into the politics and processes of net neutrality but don’t have time to read a bunch of think pieces about it, check out Vi Hart’s explanation, which combines her trademark Draw-My-Life-style stick figures with a pretty effective analogy for internet “fast lanes” and why they’re bad for consumers.


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