What Is The Future of YouTube? Devinsupertramp Thinks Three-Screen Video

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According to DevinSuperTramp, Barco and 20th Century Fox, three screens is the future of moviegoing. Debuting a film at Cinequest Film Festival’s ‘Future of Film’ showcase this Sunday, the YouTube star and daredevil will be taking the new technology for a test drive.

Having three screens will give viewers an incredible 270 degree theatrical experience. Barco initially demonstrated the technology by showing select scenes from The Maze Runner during its theatrical release. But now they are looking towards integrating more online entertainers. And with that mindset, Devin Graham AKA DevinSuperTramp is the natural first choice. Devin is already an adopter of new technologies, but also his stunning visuals as he does insane rope swings through scenic canyons or a zipline ride through downtown Rio de Janeiro lend themselves to a dynamic viewing experience.

(photo credit: LAWeekly.com)

(photo credit: LAWeekly.com)

Right now the technology only exists in the experimental format, but with movie studios looking into the viability of three screens, it won’t be long before YouTube starts the conversation.

While there’s no telling what DevinSuperTramp’s exciting new video will be or whether it will show up on YouTube in some compressed format afterwards, if you happen to be in San Jose this weekend, you can see it for yourself.


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