Which College Humor Star Is Headed To TruTV?


The last few years have featured a slow build up, but it’s looking increasingly like 2015 will be the year that the stars of online video explode onto television in a major way. The last network to jump on the bandwagon is TruTV. Best known for its car chase, real crime, and found footage programming, TruTV is expanding their offerings with a new slate of scripted comedies and the first person they’re tapping is Adam Conover. Adam is best known as the star of Adam Ruins Everything, an investigative comedy series from CollegeHumor. He’ll be adapting the show to television for TruTV.



Adam Ruins Everything is built around Conover’s humorous deconstruction of common misconceptions and widely held beliefs using history and science. It’s a format that’s proven popular on the web and on television with entertainers like HBO’s John Oliver generating millions of views with his sharply snarky take downs of Super PACs and Big Tobacco. Conover sets his sights a little lower but is no less hilarious when dismantling the myths surrounding engagement rings, or restaurant tipping culture. The series is already a hit online and has already generated some 20 million views for College Humor since it premiered just over a year ago.

Adam isn’t the only web star joining TruTV’s lineup. The network also recently reached a deal with Billy On The Street host Billy Eichner for a new season of the popular curb side game show. Though Eichner is migrating to TruTV from the Fuse Network, Billy On The Street first gained traction online as a production of CollegeHumor rival Funny-Or-Die. These two deals as well as other web-to-tv crossovers for stars like Grace Helbig, Epic Meal Time, Shane Dawson, and The Fine Bros suggest that the reign of YouTubers on TV is just around the corner.


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