Which YouTube Duo Is Coming To MTV?


I don’t’ like to call myself a genius, or a psychic, or a powerful sorcerer who can turn his dreams into reality through sheer force of will, but you can if you want. Earlier this week, while commenting on Snapchat’s questionable new scripted series Literally Can’t Even, I pointed out two creators from the YouTube space that I believed would be better suited to helm a project focusing on 20-something-aged millennial woman. Ashley Skidmore and Lyle Friedman, most recently of the micro-web series Hot Mess Moves, were my pick to take charge and turn the show from a low rent Broad City knockoff into something original. Unfortunately, it looks like they’ll be too busy. The pair have been tapped by MTV to produce a new show, a self-described “female buddy comedy” with a feminist bent. The whole thing is happening under the supervision of Jill Soloway, the creator of Amazon’s blockbuster hit Transparent.


MTV is quickly building an impressive record when it comes to picking sharp creators from the internet to head up ambitious new projects. Last summer, the network launched Braless, its first original YouTube channel. That show also boasted a feminist agenda and had one of YouTube’s sharpest minds, the always excellent Laci Green at the helm.



The show is still in the early stages of development, but the plan is to focus on female friendships and the awkwardness of 20-something life. It’s easy to see the fingerprints of Comedy Central’s Broad City on the pitch. That show found massive success with a similar brief and a similar creative team. Like Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, both Skidmore and Friedman are UCB alums with a web series under their belts. Still, their comedic voices differ strongly enough and the subject matter has been so sparsely explored that it seems safe to say we can expect something original.

If you’d like to get a sense of Ashley and Lyle’s comedic style, I highly recommend checking out Hot Mess Moves. The series features bite-sized episodes that fit the brief of their upcoming MTV project pretty closely. They deftly hit beats of friendship, comedy, and mortifying social awkwardness, all in under two minutes.


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