Why Did This Year’s Super Bowl Commercials Suck?


Last Sunday America celebrated the Super Bowl, an annual event where some kind of sports thing happens surrounding a Katy Perry concert and lots of very expensive commercials. Super Bowl airtime is the most expensive you can get, so all of America’s finest corporations put on their Sunday best and pour millions into making memorable ads. In the last few years Super Bowl commercials have become a hotly anticipated spectacle in their own right. We know that the New England Patriots and Left Shark were the big winners on the field, but who took home the commercial crown?

Misty Kingma of #News has a full breakdown of Sunday’s best, worst and weirdest ads. If you somehow missed the big game or your were busy stuffing your face with buffalo wings during the ad breaks, she’ll bring you up to speed on what you missed and what you need to catch up on.


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